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olbuksings's Journal

soon to be...adrift in time
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Horse on Fire

Bring bring
straight things
like a horse on fire

Ezra said,
write it
soaz a man on th' West Coast'a
Afrika culd
understand ut;
and he proceeded to write the Cantos
full of dead languages
newspaper clippings
and love songs from St. Liz;
bring bring
straight things: in bird light,
the terror of a mouse,
grass-arms great stone heads;
and reading Canto 90
he put the paper down
Ez did (both their eyes were wet)
and he told her...
"among the greatest love poems
ever written."

Ezra, there are many kinds of traitors
of which
the political are the least,
but self-appraisal of
poetry and love
has proved more fools than

~Charles Bukowski~
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