soon to be...adrift in time (olbuksings) wrote,
soon to be...adrift in time

Day Two

Yesterday, for the most part, I felt no ill effects from my re-entry into the world of personal fitness, though one might wonder if such a lack of noticeable effect might mean that there WAS no effect.

Not to worry. When I revisited my routine, late yesterday afternoon, and began replicating the routine that I'd performed the day before, I felt the pain. Especially in the core, where many of the exercises are focused, but also in the left knee, the other focus of my personally-tailored workout.

Not that the pain was all that intense, or felt over a wide range of motion. Just, you know, the momentarily sharp presence of those lactic acid crystals caught between the muscle fibers as they attempted to slide smoothly past one another, the lactic acid, which the body sends to lubricate, now hardened and formed in place because it was not carried off during in a sufficient cool-down routine the day before. I think the technical term for this condition is "the owies."

Anyway, it got a little better as the routine progressed and I did reduce the number of reps in every set as planned and commited the revised workout to the digital format on my thumb drive, mem stick, whatever.

This morning, I'm actually a little more sore with normal movement but it's a feeling which, over the years, I've been used to having as I've periodically stopped and later re-started my life-long and ever-evolving fitness program. So I actually take it as a sign that I'm on the right track in what I'm doing. Nothing severe, but it's there.

Now, I just have to get the rest of my life similarly focused and on-track. You know the intellectual, spiritual, emotional part that lives within this apparatus of nerves and muscle and bone. The processes, aside from the physical ones, which drive us through our days and perhaps help us to evolve towards our more perfect selves...

Tags: daily workout, personal fitness
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