soon to be...adrift in time (olbuksings) wrote,
soon to be...adrift in time

I Guess This What They Mean By One Day At A Time

Just finished installing the washer and dryer which I had brought over from the old place in Eastwood. Actually had the washer in yesterday and even did a load of clothes in anticipation of the dryer being finished the same day. But had a problem with the gas hookup due to the sub-par setup left behind by the previous occupants.

As usual, noticed other things I didn't like as I was figuring out how to upgrade the gas hookup and added some time and expense by changing the vent setup as well. I also did a self-install of Verizon FiOS cable and internet over the weekend so I now have TV and internet.

My daughter always seems surprised when I say I'm gonna do these things myself and then looks shocked when they turn out right. I mean, I know she wasn't around whe I was working as a Class II Engineer in a 250 room hotel. But c'mon, lol, I'm just old and beaten up, not useless.

Thing is, it's still really difficult, at that moment when a project comes to its end, and I feel compelled to say, out loud to these empty rooms, "I always thought that I'd be doing this for you..."

Tags: cardiology
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