March 22nd, 2017

Early Morning Songs

Up at 4 AM, I listened to a new song by Willie Nelson called, "Now That I'm Old." And he talks about all the things that he doesn't have to do, "Now that [he's] old..." Which is something that Willie can say because he doesn't have two daughters minding his business, lol. But the truth really is that I'm lucky that way.

And then I found a link to the song that's been my anthem lately, Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam's 1992 MTV Unplugged version of "Oceans." The lyric of which is now is taped to the wall of my living room. Surrounded by, um, oceans of slightly damaged commercial art, bought at a discount from the nearby Marshall's. Sorry Eddie.

But the lyric itself remains heartfelt and lovely although spoiled a little by the way they edited the clip. Because as he finishes the song, the first in their live set, he jokes that it's a lovesong to his surfboard and then laughs. But elswhere on the internet there's an extended clip where, after the laugh, he says something like, "Naw, that's for Beth who I hope to be seeing more of..."

The lyrics follow, as does an explanation for a disputed line:


Hold on to the thread
The currents will shift
Guide me towards you
Know something's left
And we're allowed to dream
Of the next time we touch...

You don't have to stray
Two oceans away
Waves roll in my thoughts
Hold tight the ring...
The sea will rise...
Please stand by the shore...
I will be...
I will be...
There once more...

~Pearl Jam
from ten

But you know what? For now I'm gonna leave it at that because it's now after 6 AM and my grandson has asked me to put together a healthy snack for him to take to school when I pick him up for the drive into the city.

And, you know, I've got the drums and the lyric and Eddie's amazing falsetto going in my head, and the arguments and explanations that have taken up too much of my life already can wait...