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soon to be...adrift in time

Jul. 29th, 2016

01:18 pm - [7] Post Script

Our eyes met briefly through the chain link fence as I passed the tennis courts and made my way up the hill towards the pavilion. Neither of us spoke, but there was a moment of hesitation before each of us continued on.

Seated at a table where I had a view of the park and surrounding neighborhood, my eyes were drawn again to the two figures in white moving about on the cracked and faded courts below.

One of the men was about my age while the other was some years older. And it was the second man, the older of the two, whose quizzical glance had caught my eye as I passed the courts.

Could it actually be, that the one I'd been calling "the other Bob," was now standing a mere hundred yards below me in the very place where I'd met them all, those many years ago? And did I have it in me to just walk up and say, "Excuse me, aren't you...?"

I'd spent some time on the internet and learned that, sadly, the one who had introduced us was gone. Had been for several years. Since then, I'd regretted not having walked to that door, two houses down from the park, and asked about him. Regretted also that I'd never queried the young woman whom I'd seen, on several occasions, walking the yellow dog.

Still seated at the pavilion, I wrote in the notebook that I'd been carrying again: "I need to get down there before they leave. This could be the chance that I missed with with Bob C."

So I gathered up my belongings and walked down the hill and said, through the chain link fence that enclosed the courts, "Excuse me, aren't you Bob H? Bob C. introduced us here, some years ago"

And, in fact, it was...


Jul. 24th, 2016

04:04 pm - (4) What They Said

"Robert, will you join us today?" Mary asked, emerging from her car in a stylish, white tennis dress.

"Wish I could," said Robert C., holding the yellow dog's leash and leaning against his bike. "But lately the knees have not been good," he said.

"Ah, sorry to hear that," said Mary. "You know we'd love to have you," she said.

"I know," said Robert C. "Thanks. And how are you these days?" he said.

"Oh," said Mary, "I'm mostly OK. I just need a new body is all," she said.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Enjoy your match," he said...


03:00 pm - Dedication

For Dave and Mary and
Robert H. and Robert C.

With special thanks
to Robert C.
for introducing me
to his
friends in Allen Park...

Jul. 22nd, 2016

08:22 am - Title Page


The Preludes

The Light in the Park

I Look for Them

What I Want to Remember

What They Said

The Living and the Dead

A Note to Robert C.

Post Script


Jul. 5th, 2016

02:57 pm - (3) What I Want to Remember

I want to remember them. I want to remember their names and faces. I want to remember how they walked and gestured and how they dressed.

But more than that, I want to remember how they greeted and spoke with and seemed to care about each other.

That they seemed to remember how it was when they were young and all of it was new. But also remembered, whatever they'd become, whatever they'd been through, that there were still the others.

Waiting to see them, to acknowlege their lives, on a day like this.

In the bright sunlight and moving shadows of Allen Park...


04:46 am - (2) I Look for Them

I look for them, and I see no one, nothing. No rusted, ancient bicycle moving along the grassy ridge. No large, yellow dog, head down, unleashed, unsteadily followed.

No swirl of white tennis dresses on the court. No cars driven up along the curb and parked. No casual walk, from the house across the street or from the one two houses down the block.

I look for them and wonder, whether any of them are left. It's been, what, five years or more since I saw the one I took to be his daughter, with the dog. And more than ten, since I last saw all of them together. The old friends. The ones who knew each other when.

I look for them, and listen for their voices.

I think, now, that I must sit more quietly here. Sit quietly and see if, in this silence, there may come some random movement.

Out there, among the trees. Unseen by anyone on the street, at the corner of my eye...


Jul. 4th, 2016

10:18 pm - (5) The Living and the Dead

And if I mingle them, unknowingly, the living with the dead, I hope to be forgiven.

And if I have misplaced their names, inside this aging vessel, I likewise hope to be forgiven.

For with these words I hope I've made a place, beyond this moment, where they will be remembered...


12:01 pm - (1) The Light in the Park

When I got to Allen Park, this morning, the sunlight was streaming down. Through the landlocked canopy of maples and conifers scattered there. Across that oddly-sequestered hillscape within the town.

Most times when I've been there, of late, it's been empty. Except for the trees and their shadows which, in their highest parts, move with the wind.

There are, of course, the ghosts and it's with them that I hope eventually to speak. Just as I once spoke with their material selves. The ones no longer visible there.

And so I've decided that I'll go there again and sit, as I once did, beneath the trees. Beneath their broad canopy and the intermittent light, which moves. As I shall move, beneath them there, as well.

As carefully and quietly as the shadows. Seeking that place where I may hear their voices...


Jun. 28th, 2016

03:03 am - Homecoming and Leavetaking

As we prepare to return to our newly-repaired home, possibly as soon as this weekend, we note the imminent departure of our longtime next door neighbors for their retirement in Florida.

We'll especially miss the sweet lady who was known to our kids as "Aunt Sandy," during the more than thirty years that we lived next door to her, but we'll also miss the in-laws who've been there with her for the past 15-20 and with whom she'll now be residing on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Goodby Sandy and Howie and Judy, we'll surely miss you and wish you the very best, always...


Jun. 12th, 2016

04:33 pm - Yeeee-Haaaw!

A United States Navy FA-18 Super Hornet just did a barrel roll at about a thousand feet directly overhead as I was standing in the parking lot at the hotel. It was part of the Syracuse Air Show at Hancock International Airport this weekend.

The ground stopped shaking a few seconds after he passed. Can't say the same for the ringing in my ears, LOL...


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